Lou is a 17 year old student who lives an ordinary life in the suburbs of Bern as the only child of Tom and Maria. Her life turns upside down when she realizes that she is falling in love with her best friend Alex. Lou starts a journey of discovering her sexuality. In addition to her complicated family life, she struggles to come to terms with herself. – a story about discovering your sexuality and the process that «being different» brings along. 
Lou: Isabel Mayer 
Alex: Lou Haltinner 
Tom: Christoph Lanz
Maria: Anja Becher
Elio: Besnik Bala 
Director, Screenwriter and Producer: Nici Beutler
Co-Producers: Biby Jacob, Michael Kempf
1st AD: Jero Fähndrich
2nd AD: Valeria Salo
Production Manager: Michael Kempf
Cinematographer: Biby Jacob
1st AC: Aaron Markus Graf
2nd AC: Jan Hänggi, Elia Grunder, Elia Quadri, Kate Ly
Gaffer: Sven Uhlmann
Electrician: Felix Scherer, Mischa Decurtins
Sound Mixer: Christian Peruzzetto, Eddy Guzman
Production Design & Wardrobe: Sofie Cantieni
Hair & Make-up: Dunja Schwery
Editor: Aaron Markus Graf
Color Grading: Lukas Schaller
Music: Soundstripe
Sound Design & Mix: Corsin Bader
Catering: Sofie Cantieni
Runner: Sophie Armellini
Set Photographer: Joel Plattner
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