early on film felt like a safe space for me. i would spend hours soaking up everything i could find on the making of films and the worlds it created. i've always been drawn the most to the underdog characters, the ones where things didn't always go right, which stayed with my art throughout the years. these are the characters i relate to, who's stories i want to write, and bring to life with my narrative projects and give them the attention that they usually wouldn't get in real life through documentaries. which is also why i focus my paid projects on brands that put value on sustainability and see the importance of a kind and caring world. 

my work contains of beautiful imagery but more importantly deep stories where I represent life in all its complexities and don't shy away from difficulties within my characters since they are a valuable part of a human experience and form a person to be more compassionate. 

i'm looking forward to meeting you in person and creating impactful stories with you.

- currently working part-time at zumirent.ch in bern, switzerland - 

+41 79 885 79 06

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